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Conditional classes with classnames

I’m not a React expert but I’ve been working with the framework in the last few months and I have to say that classnames is something that helps you a lot.

Code is better than words. So, I used to do something like this

const MyComponent = ({ condition }) => (
	<div className={`myClass ${condition ? 'is-active' : ''}`}></div>


const MyComponent = ({ condition }) => {
	const myComponentClass = condition ? 'is-active' : '';
	return (
		<div className={`myClass ${myComponentClass}`}></div>

It works! But for me, there was something it could be better and easier when the CSS classes’ number starting to increase. Then, I found out this magic called classnames.

import classnames from 'classnames';

const MyComponent = ({ condition, anotherCondition }) => {

	const myComponentClasses = classNames({
		'myClass': true,
		'is-active': condition,
		'has-icon': anotherCondition

	return (
		<div className={myComponentClasses}></div>
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