Conditional classes with classnames

An S-shaped road, inside a forest.

Front in Campinas logo using only CSS

Orange and Gray Tunnel Painting

Target a parent CSS class with Stylus

A white boat in the sea.

Thanks 2017

Raphael Fabeni speaking at Frontinsampa 2017 edition

The end of clearfix

Image showing a jellyfish in a blue sea.

Front in Floripa logo using only CSS

An elderly man sitting in a small seat drawing in a notebook.

Git: Editing your commits with rebase - part 2/2

Two elderly gentlemen playing golf at a country club

CSS check animation

Photograph of View of J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building from National Archives Roof

Git: Editing your commits with rebase - part 1/2

Two elderly people weaving wire in an old machine.

Share your knowledge

Children studying in an old classroom

GitHub: Updating your fork

Wooden table top view, full of tools

My to do list

Picture of the a lemon pie with a strawberry above it.

Thanks 2016

Image of a man costumed Santa Claus with a cookie in his mouth

A different week

Rubber toys in the shape of ducks gliding in a stream of water between two sidewalks..

Keep the content updated

Two men shaking hands in front of an old car (probably the 20 or 30 decade)

Preventing user error

Picture shows two feet of a person jumping in a puddle

CSS level 4: custom selectors

Two dogs almost standing looking at the picture

CSS level 4: not selector

Several pieces of wood stacked

CSS level 4: matches selector

A wooden box full of nuts

ES6: destructuring assignment

Foosball viewed from above with players in black and yellow.

ES6: spread operator

Colorful fireworks in a dark sky

ES6: string templates

Photo shows four newspaper boxes, probably Americans in residential neighborhood

ES6: arrow functions in 5 minutes

Way of a road covered with snow around

ES6: function parameters with default values

A part of bed with some pillows and next to a small closet with an alarm clock on top.

ES6: the keyword let in examples

A street with cars parked in both sides


White wall of a house with several windows with details in gray, and two of them in orange

CSS Scroll Snap Points

Image of a sidewalk and coconut tree in the background behind a grid

Front in Vale 2015

Image of a sunset